Welcome to the archives!!

hello!! my name is franic, but feel free to call me fran, frannie, frank, or whatever other flavor of franic you can come up with! i am nonbinary and my pronouns are they and them!!

This website is my personal little gift for you: archives of a planet many of you may have never heard of, New Alternia! i spend most of my time studying the history and various other things about this planet so that i can share it with you curious humans stumbling upon it. History is my passion and i'm always learning new things, so check back often if you want to stay up to date on all the oldest New Alternian info!!

The buttons at the top will help you navigate your way through the site, and are under three main sections: History, Humans, and Trolls. These should hopefully keep everything nice and organized, but i'll most likely be adding and removing things as i see fit for the duration of this site's uptime.

so! now that you get the gist of the site, here's a little more about me! like i said before, my name is franic! i'm a jadeblooded citizen of New Alternia, currently residing in HOTC (Heart of The City, for the uninitiated!) and like to spend my time coding, archiving, and helping build fancy little sites like these! this is my first project on the interwebs, so be nice :(!! to the right is an artistic rendering of myself! aren't i adorable?

I hope you enjoy your stay on my website! look around and make yourself at home, web astronaut!